Looking for a Digital Marketing Agency?

By May 22, 2019 Marketing
looking for digital marketing agency

As I type, there will be more than a thousand queries posted across social media channels saying,
‘looking for a digital marketing agency’. Well, to be honest, there surely are countless agencies
across the globe, who work or at least claim to work 5 days a week for strengthening the image of
brands in the eyes of users. But interestingly, if every brand will have that ‘out of the box’ campaign,
they will end up exactly the same. The end result? Just another campaign that people have already
seen, read and experienced.

One needs to understand that these agencies would surely come forward as ‘digital solution
providers’, but will never introduce themselves as a ‘creative agency’. And this is where one may
draw a line to mark the difference. Some would say, aren’t they synonymous to each other, where
digital and creative agencies are the same. Indeed, they theoretically are the same, but how the rat
race to earn has affected the industry matters.

For myself having chiseled and shaped for more than 4 years in different agencies, I saw patterns
where competing agencies would rather go for mediocre work instead of quality. This fallout would
usually be the result of established name in the market and approval of their work by industry
veterans. Brands would believe in the market trends and reach them for the business, eventually
succumbing to the acts of the hired agencies. Clearly not commenting on the commendable work
done by the various agencies out there, but surely talking about those who actually dupe the brands
and ruin their image.

Looking for a Digital Marketing Agency?

The question of the hour is, what are we supposed to do?

Here are a few things you need to check before hiring an agency:

The name is not enough

Remember, ‘all that glitters is not gold’. You might have heard of
agencies that performed extensively in the past, but are just a ghost of their name now. This
is where one can explore young players in the industry, where the ideas can be non-
traditional or quirky, but effective.

Assess your goals

One needs to understand what all services does the brand require. These
could be as limited to social media marketing and SEO, or as extensive as performance
marketing, online presence and ORM. Every agency has one unique selling proposition that
you need to inspect and accordingly go ahead with the one having your requirement as their

Case studies can be manufactured

It is not advisable to always go for case studies and
reviews, as they can be created as per the requirements. Surely, there are players in the
market who actually put their sweat, blood and brilliance in reaching the required brand
goal, but there also are players who simply fake it to make it. Additionally, young players in
the market do not have specific case studies to cater the need of each industry, hence are
often neglected. This is where many brands miss out on actual young talent with fresh ideas
and approach.

These pointers shall enable brands to shine in the brand jungle and stand tall. Also, one needs to
invest time, not only in finding the right agency, but working in tandem with the hired one. The

agencies have limited knowledge and insights of the business, where the role of brands should be to
support their plan of action.


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