Online Presence, but with Ineffective Communication

By April 6, 2020 Content, Marketing

The generations have witnessed the beautiful evolution of marketing, starting from word of mouth, reaching billboards, radios, televisions, and the internet today. In the current scenario, brands are leveraging best of the internet to scale up their businesses and multiply their profits. The power of this tool enables brands to expand their reach by manifolds, and speaking further about distinctive qualities of the internet would be a waste of time as every person is well aware of what power it holds.

While almost every company has made it to the virtual world of the internet to explore and exploit the possibilities, there are several excelling at it as the others are just getting the bare minimum. What exactly marks and makes this stark difference? The answer lies in two simple words:

Ineffective Communication

Ineffective communication can be of several types:

  1. Using excessively long posts to define the smallest things
  2. Talking instead of listening to the audience
  3. Failing to offer specific communication for special orders
  4. Being product-centric instead of being customer-centric
  5. Lack of consideration and follow-through
  6. Trying to win a conversation

Further, there are times when communication fails to express the messaging completely. Here are a few examples of the same:

Online presence

Online Presence

Online Presence

Thinking that you won’t involve in such silly mistakes? Here are a few biggest marketing failures by the most renowned brands in the world: But, the unfortunate truth is, everyone loves their marketing campaigns, no matter how terrible they are. The realization is a little too late when it is out in public and being criticized by masses, as it backfires.

In such cases, brands not only lose potential customers and users but at the same time lose reputation in the industry for going south with their inefficient communication. And this is how the Titanic sinks and reaches the bottom of North Atlantic.

Wondering what is the solution to this elephant in the room that everyone simply wants to ignore? Let’s see it through the lenses of the Chaos Theory or the Butterfly Effect. The butterfly effect states that a small change can make much bigger changes happen in its due time, resulting in a big impact in the future. Simply, a flutter of butterfly’s wings can result in tornado’s later. Considering the positive aspect of the theory, instead of calamities, a small and positive step taken towards the campaigning and communication can result in big fortunes tomorrow as the ripples will only grow bigger with time. In other words, a small yet accurate campaign can bring in a multitude of the audience, sales and recognition in the time to come. Practicing the same over time shall create an audience that is loyal to the brand.

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